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“ADL’s team installed our hard wood floors throughout our house remodel project.”

We chose to apply a special non-toxic finish which is uncommon and Dinu was very helpful in finding all the right information and how to make sure it was done the right way. It is very pleasant to find someone who is so involved in his work and cares so much about his craft. All his workers are trustworthy and professional. He was very arranging for the timings as we were already living in the house at the time and worked around the clock to make it happen in order to make the least inconvenient for us.”
– Sabrina Pfaude-Mercer Island, WA

We had our entire house redone with bamboo strand by Dinu. He did everything except the laundry and bathrooms. He came the first time, and looked at our samples and agreed with our choice. We asked for recommendations from him, and felt he was being very truthful and in line with our ideas. He measured and got back to us within a couple of days with the estimate. We felt it was very fair for his reputation and quality of work. He came to our home while the flooring was acclimating to measure for moisture. A little over a week later, he called and started work the next day. His crew were polite and very considerate of our home. They completed the job in three days. No more carpet ( they removed it ) and now gorgeous floors throughout our home! Fabulous work! Would use him again and recommend to all friends and family!
Julie Andersen, Redmond, WA
Replaced damaged wood floor. Extended wood floor throughout living room and color matched with existing stain. Coated with low VOC finish. This is the second time we have used Dinu for work and both times he has done a fantastic job. We had a very tight schedule due to the closing of our old house and other work being done in the new house and Dinu did a great job working around painters and our schedule. Sometimes even coming later in the evening or on the weekends to make sure things got done.
As for the quality of the work, it is fantastic. We can’t tell where the old floor ended and the new floor begins. Everything is beautifully blended. We also have to deal with moisture problems on our property and he did a great job constantly testing humidity levels and leaving expansion gaps for things to settle in perfectly.
We have young kids that I am sure will necessitate we refinish our floors at some point in the future, we will definitely be giving Dinu a call when that is needed.
Kyle Krum, Sammamish, WA
They sanded and refinished our Great Room hardwood floors and a large hallway and powder room. We wanted our Great Room floors refinished while we were out of the home vacationing. We arranged to have another contractor who lives close by to let them into the home and guide them in the project. They worked very effectively with our other contractor and we got an excellent job while we were gone. Our other contractor was so impressed with them he introduced them to another of his customers and ADL did their floors too.
Irving Becker, Bellevue, WA
Refinish existing hardwood (white oak), install new hardwood, oil finish, install bamboo floor in master bedroom. They did a great job refinishing the existing hardwood, installing a new hardwood floor in the family room and blend it all together with an oil finish. The crew was professional and the owner is a real professional knowing his trade extremely well. After ripping out the carpet in the family room he measured the moisture which was too high, went down in the crawl to check what the reason for that was and actually discovered that the water heater leaked and we had water standing in the crawl.
He not only alerted us of the water issue but also rented us a dehumidifier to get the moisture down in the subfloor and checked several times dropping by our house.
I think an average flooring company would have just put the floor down, cashed in and move on where ADL floors went the extra mile to make sure they did a superior job and that we would not run into moisture issues down the road by getting in the floors to early.
Overall super happy with the quality, professionalism and craftsmanship, we are planning to have the stairs done by them in the near future.
Jo Reitinger, Redmond, WA
Our home was built in 1923, and under the wall to wall carpeting we had beautiful wood floors. After living with the carpeting for over 20 years, we decided to have the floors refinished. I had gotten Dinu’s name (ADL Floors) from several people with whom I work. Several years ago, he removed all the carpeting, sanded and stained all the floors in the house, except for the kitchen. The results are amazing.
Last month, we decided to finally have the kitchen floor done. There were about six layers of linoleum and old wood on that floor. Within several hours, all those layers were removed by Dinu and his staff. Within one week, they put down new maple, sanded and applied three coats of finish. As this was the third time I had used ADL floors, I knew what to expect. They did all the work while we were out of town. When we left, we had a worn old vinyl floor. When we came back one week later, we had a beautiful new maple floor with all new baseboards and base-shoe. The house was immaculate, as they very carefully tape plastic to segregate the work area from the rest of the house. The kitchen floor is beautiful, as are all the other floors in the house which Dinu had done previously. He and his staff never stop….they work really hard, and are so nice to deal with. They are trustworthy, and I never worried about them having access to our home while we were gone.
I recommended them to our neighbors, and they also are extremely happy with the beautiful floors they now have.
Regina Caples, Seattle, WA
Dinu and crew removed existing damaged hardwood (former homeowner) and installed 610SF new 5″ Santos Mahogany. They returned 2 weeks later to sand and finish. We felt Dinu knew his wood, knew the job, and was a master craftsman. He worked hand in hand with the distributor we had chosen,
and was “on top of” the project every step of the way. He also was familiar with the finishes we had chosen. We have two round walls to which he skillfully installed the base shoe – I wouldn’t have had confidence in the other installers we interviewed. He and his crew were punctual, hardworking and respectful of us and our property. Although the area was barricaded with plastic, we opted to pay substantial extra for Dinu to use his dustless vacuum. In my estimation, it was worth having to wipe down only the lower 1 foot of our walls. In the scheme of dust – that’s very little. He has invested in other professional equipment – for example something to move the refrigerator over the floor to its home without chance of scratching the floor. We weren’t home to watch it work, but we saw it. Dinu’s estimate was in line with the other 3 estimates we received.
Yes, we would use ADL again – hardworking, trustworthy family man with good crew!!!
Debbie Hazzard, Sammamish, WA
In our 2600 sq ft home, he installed red oak hardwood and finished/stained. We had about 400/450 sq ft already that had to be refinished to match the new wood. He also did stairs. We hired Dinu Luca to do hardwood floor installation in our whole house – top and bottom floor. Dinu’s estimate was higher than some of the other estimates we received but he was the most detail oriented and professional person and we chose to go with him. When he came to give a bid, he bought a moisture meter with him – he was the only one who did that and he told us he may need to investigate further and see if additional vapor barrier needs to be put in. He also told us that he would put in samples of the stains so we could choose when we’re ready.
We did the work in two steps – first we did the top floor (on Dinus suggestion since the workers wouldn’t need to go back up once the top floor was done), and then the bottom floor. Dinu was professional – he started the work on time, and finished on time. He was willing to hear feedback and fix things that we pointed out (minor things along the way). He took care of simple details like — our kitchen already had hardwood and the dining room next to it had carpet, he took some slats out of the kitchen to give the floor a more continuous feel between the kitchen and the dining room. Since he was suspecting moisture, he went into the crawl space to inspect and there was some water. He then determined that he would leave some spacing on the floor and let the wood acclimatize for some more days and shifted his schedule to come back a week later and continue. I am now getting some other work done (painting) by another contractor and I can feel the difference in the small things Dinu took care of – example covering up other areas and every little inch that didn’t need to be open, when we were living in the house making sure that the tools / materials were tucked away in a corner rather than all over the place, making room for us to go to specific rooms if we needed to, etc.
Overall I felt that if I had hired someone else, they may not have provided the attention to detail as Dinu had and we were very happy with his work. I would definitely highly recommend him and hire him in the future if needed.
Prashant Kamani, Redmond, WA
Old hardwood floor in the entire top level floor of our 1928 house and made it look new. The oak floor had been partially covered with leveling plaster, then carpet, it had walls removed and relocated, with plywood inserted, to fill teh flooring gap. They installed nearly perfectly matching old Oak hardwood flooring, repaired damaged oak flooring, sanded, stained, and refinished the entire top floor, and it now looks absolutely beautiful. we coudl not be happier. I would recommend these guys to anyone. They were recommended to us by Great Floors. Fabuluous, on time, worked hard, all crew members knew what they were doing.
Steve Cuddy, Seattle, WA
Pulled up and replaced 900 sf of Tamarindo (Brazilian Rosewood) flooring ADL was one of six contractors we called in to quote replacement of our quirky flooring which had been flood damaged. They were not the cheapest, nor were they the most expensive, but I give them an A rating for proving to be a great value.
When our original floor was installed eight years prior, the contractor had not allowed enough time for the exotic wood to acclimate. Within days after the final coat of finish, the 3.25″ wide planks began to move, resulting in a constant “snap” and “pop” as gaps opened up between the planks. Although the contractor came back in and shimmed, filled and applied another coat of Swedish finish; as the wood darkened with age, the shims became more of an eyesore. It was a very frustrating experience we wanted to avoid repeating.
This time around, we vetted contractors and chose ADL for a number of reasons:
A) Spending a little time with owner Dinu, we got the correct impression he took our concerns very seriously and we could easily communicate with one another. Having dealt with all kinds of contractors when we originally self-contracted construction of our home, this is certainly a key ingredient not to be overlooked.
B) We liked Dinu’s professional approach – from his modern dustless equipment to his detailed quotation.
C) In addition to Angie’s list and the Washington State Floor Covering Association, Dinu has gone the extra mile to become one of the few certified professionals you’ll find listed by the National Wood Flooring Association – a sign of professionalism and requisite knowledge/experience.
D) While he has a crew, Dinu is small enough that he could assure us he would be on site working the job personally as opposed to just overseeing a crew.
E) Dinu came across as a hard working Christian and family man seeking to build a business through quality work. Some of the contractors we’ve encountered almost act like they are doing us a favor by taking on the work whereas Dinu obviously wanted the job.
I’ve waited some four months to write this review in order to ensure nothing unexpected came up. Dinu and crew came in promptly to remove the old baseboards and flooring. They were careful to number and stack the existing clear coated VG fir base molding and consistently cleaned up after themselves. Dinu was very patient with us as we allowed the bundles of new flooring to acclimate several weeks before installation, then several more weeks of acclimation prior to sanding and finish.
They did a great job repairing and reinstalling the base molding and shoe, part of which had been damaged by the flood mitigation contractor. A couple of weeks after the final coat, Dinu came back personally to touch up a small area which had a minor sheen issue. The floor is beautiful and we continue to be very pleased with the results all around. We would highly recommend ADL floors without reservation.

Robert Herman, Fall City,WA
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