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FAQ Page

How do we get started?

Simply contact ADL Floors via our contact page and we will set up an appointment.

How much dust will I have during the installing process?

At ADL Floors, we respect your home and will place our equipment outside, weather permitting. After each workday is completed we will clean up the dust caused during installation and move our equipment out of your way. Our goal is to give you ease of mind and convenience, by doing all the work for you, and leave your home dust free.

Do I need to move out of my house if I’m installing a new wood floor?

Typically it is not necessary to move out of your home during installation, unless the project includes the majority of your living area.

Should I buy pre-finished or unfinished hardwood?

If it is your goal to match the existing floor in your home then you may want to choose unfinished wood and match the stain of your current floor. If you want to replace all the floors then choosing pre-finished hardwood is a much more convenience as far as time it takes to finish a project, as everything is already prepared and just needs to be installed.

Which type of wood floor is right for me, solid or engineered?

Solid and engineered wood floors are all made using real wood. Solid wood flooring is a solid piece of wood from top to bottom. A benefit of solid wood is, that it can be refinished many times without destroying the wood itself. Engineered wood is manufactured using several layers of wood veneers. Benefit of this type of wood is its flexibility to expand and contract less than that of solid wood flooring during differences in temperatures (or humidity). A downfall of engineered woods is that they cannot be sanded and refinished as many times as solid wooden floors. 

How do I choose the right finish?

Choosing the right finish is all about your own personal preferences and style of your home. 

How do I keep my floors looking new?

Clean your floors regularly (sweep, dust mop or vacuum). Avoid using a wet mop on hardwood floors as it can ruin the finish over time. Place scratch pads on furniture that may scratch the floors. If a spill occurs, clean immediately and let area dry completely. If floors start to have a dull appearance, use a wood floor cleaner recommended by your installer to renew the woods vitality and appearance. Or call ADL Floors to refinish your floors and restore their beauty and vitality. 

How long after I order my floors will it take before they are installed?

Projects typical take a few days to complete. Pre-finished wood installations take a considerable less time because no staining and coating is required. 

Can I install my own hardwood floor?

Hardwood floor installation takes precision and can be very time consuming. Even people with experience can still find installations challenging. If you want to save time, ADL Floors will be happy to accommodate you with precision installed beautiful wooden floors. Call us for a free estimate.

What does it mean to “acclimate” a hardwood floor?

Acclimate means to move the packaged boards in the room where they will be installed and let them sit for several days, with the box open and raised off the ground. This allows the moisture content of the wood to adjust to the conditions of the room.